Birmingham   HEMA   Club   will   be   hosting   a   messer   workshop,   taught   by   guest instructors   Chris   Halpin   and   Lauren   Ireland   form   York   School   of   Defence. This   one-day   workshop   will   explore   the   langes   messer    as   laid   down   by Johannes   Leckuchner,   and   will   include   some   basics   with   the   messer   and   a healthy   dose   of   some   of   the   more   esoteric   and   unusual   messer   disarms, grapples and exciting ways to humiliate an opponent. Dates : Saturday 26th January 2019 (One-day) Time : 10.00am to 4.00pm Location : Quantum Exhibition Centre, 77 Upper Trinity Street, Digbeth, Birmingham.  B9 4EG Cost : £25.00 per person To book a place on this course please click on the link here: Minimum age 18-years+ Please read our terms and conditions  before booking onto any course. The   programme   will   include   a   break   for   lunch   (ensure   you   bring   your   own food),   with   plenty   of   opportunities   to   snack   and   refresh   -   we   advise   bringing plenty   of   water!      No   martial   arts   background   is   necessary,   though   a   good level   of   fitness   and   mobility   is   recommended.      If   you   have   any   allergies   or medication   (inhaler,   epi-pen   etc.)   you   require   to   be   kept   with   you   please   let an   event   organiser   aware   of   them   and   where   they   are   kept   during   the session. Comfortable     clothes     that     are     easy     to     move     around     in     are     highly recommended   -   no   belts   or   jewellery   should   be   worn.      Judo   mats   will   be   in place   for   any   throws   or   ground   grappling,   though   soft   body   pads   or   gloves may    be    worn    if    desired.        Given    that    this    workshop    is    in    January    we recommend lots of layers that can be taken off/put on whenever necessary. If   you   own   a   steel   or   synthetic   messer   then   bring   it   along;   there   will   be some   available   to   borrow   for   those   who   do   not   (arming   swords   will   also work   providing   they   are   not   excessively   long).      We   also   recommend   a   mask and   light   groves   if   you   wish   to   train   some   of   the   techniques   at   a   faster   pace (bulky    clamshell    gauntlets    or    lacrosse    style/red-dragon    gloves    are    not recommended as the day will include some grappling with the sword.
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Quantum Exhibition Centre 77 Upper Trinity Street Digbeth Birmingham B9 4EG
About the instructors: Chris   Halpin   has   been   running   the   York   School   of   Defence   for   six-years   and teaches   classes   on   langes   messer   as   part   of   a   medieval   corpus   of   arms which   includes   longsword,   dagger,   wrestling,   staff,   spear   and   pollaxe.      When he   is   not   working   from   medieval   source   material   Chris   also   runs   a   Catch-as- catch-can   wrestling   group.      He   will   be   joined   by   the   York   School   of   Defence assistant coach Lauren Ireland. Lauren    Ireland    is    a    regular    instructor    in    Victorian    and    Edwardian    anta- gonistics   such   as   Bartitsu   and   Suffrajitsu,   and   she   has   a   keen   interest   in   the langes messer. Chris   and   Lauren   have   taught   at   many   events   including   the   Noble   Science. Fight    Camp,    Kings    of    the    North,    Quadrohemia,    the    Tremonia    Fechten Fechtschule,   Swords   and   Sourcery   and   a   number   of   private   functions   for various groups around the UK and Europe.